Summary Execution

Issue Bush Obama Change?
Unlawful Execution Non-existent, at least publicly Publicly instituted policy
(5th & 6th Amendment violation)
Obama claims the right to be judge, jury and executioner of Americans. In so doing, Obama has become a despot.

And for irony, consider Marty Lederman:
One part of Savage’s article that is receiving much attention is his revelation that the Awlaki memo “was principally drafted by David Barron and Martin Lederman, who were both lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel at the time.” Lederman became known to many people during the Bush years when he used his blog to relentlessly attack the legal arguments underpinning the Bush/Cheney effort to expand executive power in the name of the War on Terror. Judging by numerous emails and the like, many people find it surprising that this very same Marty Lederman, having been appointed to the OLC by a Democratic President, would now be the person supplying the legal justification for one of the most radical War on Terror powers of all: the ability to assassinate U.S. citizens with no due process.

Way worse. This is the practice of dictators and tyrants.

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